2022-23 Annuals and Financials



Client Quotes

Discovery House is a wonderful place for my daughter and me. It’s a life that’s safe and has a lot of support. I’m working though a safety plan and building my mental and emotional strength so that I can survive with my daughter.


After two weeks in an emergency shelter, I moved into Discovery House. I started gaining hope. I felt at peace. I knew I was safe. I gained my confidence and found my voice. I was getting all the help and support I could get. My husband used to call me a nobody; now I know I am a somebody. I am worthy.


I feel honoured to speak about my experience with Discovery House. As a new immigrant to Canada, facing domestic violence issues with two little kids, I had zero knowledge of my rights, safety planning, or how to protect my kids, until I became a resident of Discovery House.


I was motivated to go back to school to study social work, to enable me to help women just like I have been helped. Discovery House trusted me to take up the challenge and offered me a comprehensive scholarship package, in addition to the housing they provided for me and my kids.

618 clients
Last year 618 clients, including 179 mothers and 439 children and youth were supported by Discovery House.
12,000 hours of support
Those 618 clients received 12,000 hours of individualized supports in the 2022-23 fiscal year. Those supports included counselling, financial aid, family support and more. 
of children and youth involved in child and youth programming here reported maintaining or improving their friendships. 
of clients indicated that they were happy with the support services they received. 
78 women and 189 children
left the Discovery House shelter and community housing program last year having developed new life skills, begun to heal, and built their resilience to increase their safety and thrive. 
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