2022-23 Annuals and Financials



Child Development Centre (CDC): A cornerstone intervention to help children meet their developmental milestones and utilizes sensory play, arts and crafts, general play, reading, and songs. The CDC is also used as a trauma informed childcare space to support other programs for moms.

Moms' Empowerment: Group-based program (8 sessions) for mothers who have experience domestic violence. It is designed to support and enhance emotional regulation, parenting and disciplinary skills. The facilitator leads conversations while creating a safe space for moms to learn and talk about their own experience and feelings.

6-12 YEARS

Kids' Club: Group-based intervention for children aged six to twelve (Grade 4-6) who have experienced domestic violence. It is designed to enhance the child’s sense of safety, develop the therapeutic alliance and create a common vocabulary of emotions. While children are at Kids' Club, moms are participating in Mom's Empowerment. 

Summer Camp: The Discovery House Summer Camp is run by the Child and Youth Team and the Child Development Centre for children and youth aged 0 - 16. The program starts in July and runs until early August. Kids are taken on field trips once a week to different locations around the city (dependent on funding) and the rest of the week are engaged in other activities within the community that help them to build relationship skills, trust building and more. All while giving their mothers a break on childcare as they head to work, school and more. 

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