2020-21 Annuals and Financials


Financial Empowerment: Financial literacy programming helps women understand and take control of their finances. All case managers are trained in financial coaching to assist with budgeting, saving and taxes.

Dollars and Sense/Matched Savings Program: A group based program for adults to build financial literacy and savings techniques. Women work to save money for an asset and that money is matched by a Calgary-based Financial Empowerment Collective funded by the United Way of Calgary and Area

Education Savings Program: Women learn about RESP's and are assisted with opening an RESP. This program is part of the ASPIRE Calgary Financial Empowerment Collective and is funded by Momentum

Financial Coaching: All adult case managers are trained to provide Financial Coaching to women as part of the ASPIRE Calgary Financial Empowerment Collective. This is led by Carya and training provided by Momentum and Bow Valley College

Taxation and Benefits: Discovery House's Senior Controller works with women to complete their income taxes, which is required to obtain government benefits

Hands Up Bursary: Established by a local philanthropic family, the bursary provides financial support to women pursuing post-secondary education. Since its inception in 2007, the bursary has awarded more than $450,000 to Discovery House clients.

Moms' Empowerment: Group-based program (8 sessions) for mothers who have experience domestic violence. It is designed to support and enhance emotional regulation, parenting and disciplinary skills. The facilitator leads conversations while creating a safe space for moms to learn and talk about their own experience and feelings.

Parenting After Domestic Violence: A 12-week group-based program for parents who have left an abusive situation and would like support with family literacy. Topics include emotional wellness, understanding anger, single parenting, family patterns, boundaries, and others.​

SNAP®: Affiliate & Collaboration with Child Development Institute SNAP® stands for Stop Now And Plan, and is an evidence-based gender sensitive, trauma-informed multi-component cognitive behavioural model developed over 33 years ago by the Child Development Institute. The primary goal of SNAP is to help children (aged 6-17) who are struggling with disruptive behavioural issues to stop and think before they act, and keep them in school and out of trouble. SNAP provides a framework for teaching effective emotional regulation, self-control, and problem solving skills to parents and their children. Discovery House is currently the only SNAP affiliate in Calgary. SNAP has undergone continual evaluation and research and is proven to reduce crime by 18-33% (Farrington, Koegl, 2015) while also improving parent-child relationships. Participation in SNAP is shown to change brain activity from ventral to dorsal regions, signifying emotional self-regulation and intentional cognitive control (Stieben, 2005).

​Women's Wellness: Group-based program rooted in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CTB) and Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT) designed to help women focus on their own healing, and improve their ability to cope with stress, anxiety, and distress. DBT is based on CBT with greater focus on emotional and social aspects. 

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